Josh Groban: Application # 62

Christian Hebel
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 12, 2013
Taken by Wylde Soul Photography
​Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.
— Og Mandino​
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42 Days

Dear Josh-

There are days when I stare blankly at the keyboard trying to figure out what the heck I am going to say and then whoosh in comes the inspiration….moving a little slow this AM on the inspiration thing.  The whole idea was to go open. Discussion about the book and the tour and giving you AND the world (or whomever is reading this) an opportunity to show that I am not cray cray.

I know in seeking out reporters to cover the story, they are bombarded by requests, but the truth is that in covering this story it also allows me to give a shout out to others who have made their contribution to this journey. Which kind of brings me to a point of view I have about attaining celebrity or public figure status. You/We are given a responsibility with this position. With it comes the ability to affect and effectively change life, others mostly. I realize that there are a great many people who seek to “make it” off a celebrity’s status. But as an example, after following Elizabeth Gilbert for some time, I have decided to no longer support her. Why?

When you make the decision to go out on Facebook and post and interact regularly with your following, you have made a decision to be present. There really is no difference between you, me or Elizabeth Gilbert. We are all human, we all have a need to be loved, respected, and we all want validation. Essentially in today’s technology this huge crying need is the be SEEN….now some take it too far…the ones I call Media Whores…like a certain “K Family” and I really have no respect for those that allow cameras into their private lives either. Sorry personal is personal and even for celebrities there is T. M. I. and I know that I am skirting a very fine gray line here, but bear with me as I finish out.

This is the Cliff Notes Version of this post…..So Elizabeth posts last week that a friend of hers and she were going to make a “We are no longer slaves to our Inbox Email decision” and we are going to deal with the thousands of requests we get by crafting an email that says, Hey thanks for emailing us BUT we are busy leading our dream filled life and you are cluttering my email inbox and if you are lucky and we  read your email we will send you a nice thought and if our meeting is meant to be the stars will arrange it, in the meantime piss off and leave me alone…It kind of pissed me off. I get that it can be a long hard road to get to the FAME level that you all get to BUT and I am going to say this BUT YOU DID NOT GET THERE WITHOUT SOMEONE WHO BELIEVED IN YOU, fought for you… NOW does that mean that you did not put the time in…no it does not BUT you had a helping hand…and as it is often said…Luck is when preparation meets opportunity…so here is someone who obviously has forgotten that without some serious Oprah TV help she may not have been able to take her little book Eat, Pray Love to the International, Movie Status it currently is…and you know where this is leading, she got there because MILLIONS of hardworking people bought her book and saw the movie…kind of rude to blow them off in public. AND if that is the attitude, well you deserve to fall. Period.

Do I think you (celebrities/public figures) can or should answer EVERY request, good lord no. HOWEVER I do think that like Marc Geiger you should ALL figure out a way to create a path for those of us from the bottom ranks can travail the journey to being heard. He auctions his time off for Charity Buzz and leaves it open to being pitched…WHY, my guess is that he understands that “out of the box” is where some really great ideas come from…and he leaves himself open to them. Had an opportunity like that existed…at a reasonable price -be real and consider what reasonable means to us Peons down here-I would have taken it in a heartbeat. But I have tried for 18 months to find the “channels” and basically blown off WITHOUT being heard…which would take like an hour or so and then a yes or no…Kind of simple really. How the details pan out, that is what the negotiation is. Gotta have the discussion/pitch first.

And I get that the “popular musicians” are their own industry, basically being a musician means you are broke, paying all those people who insulate you and do all the managerial work for you…and merchandise is where it is at.  I do get it; I am also a business woman and have run businesses for many years, including my own. This collaboration is no different. I know it will make money, can be done in more than one format. It is also a huge creative endeavor. The Entertainment Lawyer that is making inquiries as to whom is the best person to approach for this asked…how do you envision the financial end of this. Well, ideally you would be better off hiring me, BUT I can come in as an independent as long as I get to access the whole tour, I can live with the three song limit in the front ranks but would like to have access to side areas and backstage during performance…..I am more than amenable to discussion.

That is why the Social Media campaign is happening; to break through, to create the opportunity for discussion. It is a huge risk but considering the video I posted a week ago has now reached over 24,000 people…I think it is going to do what I asked it to do…

I realize that I may have shot myself in the foot here but I felt it was important to bring another facet of who I am to the forefront. I do not have celebrity stardust in these eyes. It got cleaned out when I spent a couple of years working in a “Celebrity Hotel” and well let’s just say it did not take me long to figure out how rude most of them were AND as far as I am concerned, this is just your job, just like I would pay a mechanic. I pay the movie actors, writers, musicians for your service; your ability to entertain and inspire me. That’s it, same as paying photographers fairly for their shooting a show and being able to make a living from that as well.

I am out on a Spirit and Bone Shoot this weekend but I will post tomorrow afternoon. I hope you have an amazing weekend and for those that are following, supporting and encouraging…I could not be more grateful or appreciative of your time and belief in me.

Until tomorrow