Josh Groban: Application 104-Last Day

In the Round Tour Toyota Center, Houston November 12 2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 12 2013
Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

“May you never be subservient. May you never fall prey to fitting in. May you always swirl in all the directions the sacred winds want to take you. May you never hush your laughter nor your tears. May you breathe without restriction. May you show up every single day to the calling that is you and may you always know the courage of your heart.” – Fig Ally

Day 1

Dear Josh-

Who knew that the end of this Chapter would bring such a huge sigh of relief. Truth be known it was actually the ending of this and the No letter that brought it about. Literally as I have opened myself up and asked what else there could be for me…the me that has been searching since March of 2011 when the ranch I loved was auctioned off and a whole new chapter in my journey started right then and there.

I have purged myself of stuff…almost all of it. A handful of containers in a storage unit and that is fixing to go as well, at least by half as I gift it to my friend who just bought a 7 acre place for herself. It is her place I laid every animal I carried since 1999 to rest several weeks ago at her place. The loss of so many friendships as I gain more and more of myself back to myself. To stand comfortable in my own power.

Hell the last several months have been mind altering, soul altering. My horses gone since October, Ridge since last July and now Dawn -the last animal of the pack, passed away. It seems as if it is all coming to pass in this dizzying array, flashing quicker and quicker. Like running towards a heart goal..

So I take a break this weekend. I hope your tour is a smashing success for you. I know that someday this will pass before you and we will have a good laugh about the twists and turns life has.

In the meantime readers, followers, don’t leave I guarantee this next chapter of Blog posts is going to be AMAZING…the stories are already presenting themselves. New pages will be add to the blog and old ones taken down. This is going to be one happening place. Like and Share and COMMENTS are always welcome and appreciated.

Till Next Week

With love


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