Dear 2017

Dear 2017-

I wanted to take a few days and let the energy of you sink in before I started writing to you.

The first burst of energy on 1.1 was amazing. I could literally feel the new energy of the “1” year coming in. Truth is 2016 really was not a horrible year..for me. Nothing really bad happened though it was certainly a year of deep introspection. Finding the things that no longer worked or resonated with me. Opening myself up to what I was becoming and learning to Surrender and BE present and love the NOW. I found what I did want by finding out what I did not want. Resounding YES’s and NO’s.

So  many Astrologers, numerologists and Intuitives let us know that we were definitely at the end of a “9” year cycle and that in it’s ending all the old paradigms were going to come down in BIG ways…and they did.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you this year. I feel calmer and centered. I feel like all the lessons I learned last year are still fresh and fragile but fully in place. I finally have a calling and feel that a new path is opening. I am going back to school, which I am excited about. Learning a new craft…but then I am a perpetual student.

I am keeping my schedule and life clean and simple. I would  much rather have 3 or 4 really close friendships. People I can just fully be me…all wierd and freak flag flying. I want to be able to read and enjoy each activity as the fully present thing it is and should be.

I am speaking less and actively listening more. I understand so deeply how magical words are and that once they are released, the power is out there.

Working at the idea of complete conciouseness, the idea of being fully present in every activity not just the ones that demand it…like riding my motorcycle. I have a feeling that will get easier with time and once incorporated will stay.

I knew that today was the right time to write this letter of love and joy and contentment because this morning in the pre-rise time, I had lovely universal downloads and so many dawning YES’s to understanding how and what and who I am.

This year’s journey is almost completely unknown and will take me into uncharted  and never before travelled roads and I am really looking forward to the promise of these new experiences, even more personal growth and  life experiences and adventures.

I have no attachement to my tumultuous past. It is done and released. I am so grateful to the things that helped me survive BUT they are no longer my story…and I did not like the way that book was ending anyway. I am learning more and more how to become love/light itself. I have set intentions of course, but I have left a lot of the details to Spirit/God/Universe…and know that as it unfolds it will delight me in ways unseen or unknown and I choose to cultivate that hope in the world and people.

One of my intentions this year is to have a limitless life  full of contentment, moments of intense joy, giving and receiving love. Facing and seeing only abundance and hope and thus attracting more…and that frees me from worry and/or anxiety.   In releasing my past I have found that I  want and easily make the ‘leap of faith’ and place complete and total trust in the universe, knowing that as the co-creator in this journey I get to have an amazing life.I really have complete faith that everything is in its right place, just at the right moment.

So here is to an amazing year

In Love, With Love