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I first met Joey McGee several years ago when I began to haunt the Historical Downtown Scene in Bryan (Texas). I was sitting in a restaurant and heard this voice filled with depth, passion, life and experience wafting over a wall. I could not wait to finish dinner and see who this guy was…

I stood and listened until my dinner companions got impatient but before I left I bought the two albums on display and vowed to keep an eye out for this guy. Bump forward, the restaurant is closed now and Joey and I are friends. My admiration and respect for who he is as a person and as an artist has increased a hundred fold. We have shared our growing pains and learning experiences as people and artists over many a coffee and “squirrel” conversation and I have come to deeply love this man/friend known as Joey McGee Music, Singer and Songwriter Dude.

We recently sat down and talked about the creative process that a musician goes through when they are putting together an album. Joey has a new album due out in 2016 and after the sample song he played for the interview, I for one, am really looking forward to hearing how he has “come home to  himself”.

SoundClip of the interview here-RAW AND UNEDITED:

Get to know Joey a little better…..

Have you had a moment or event that changed your life?

One of the most significant life-altering events for me was attending the University of New Orleans. There is a lot that surrounds that event, but that is where I really began to find the groove of who I am as a creative and artist. Prior to that, I was a depressed, overweight,  and confused city kid without direction or purpose.

I enrolled during the spring semester about a year or two after high school. I honestly thought I would never go to college. In high school, I was average student doing just enough to get by and I thought I did not have what it took to make it in college. But I took a chance, enrolled at the university, and ended up making a B+ average . . . IN COLLEGE (it was a HUGE confidence builder). One of the biggest life changers in school, though, was meeting my people: artists, writers, musicians, actors and such. THAT is when I found out that I was NOT weird  and the only one who thought differently. Okay, the weird thing is debatable.

What would you consider to be your personal challenge?

Right now my personal challenge is to quit eating so much crap food and getting healthier! Other than that it is figuring out how get my music out to the masses . . . and somehow make a living as an artist : )

Fill in the Blank:

Without Music I would be DEAD.

Seriously, I think I’d be dead. I have melancholic inclinations and music has helped me to cope; it’s been a counselor; a friend; a healing balm; an agitator against my indifference


My music makes me feel accomplished. Thoughts, melodies and themes are constantly swirling around in my head and a completed song of mine is like a deep breath, exhaled and released.

I create music because it’s a viable way of expressing all these thoughts, conflicts, emotions and STUFF that swirls inside. It’s this thing that HAS to get out . . . otherwise it will drive me nuts.

Support Local music and Small Bands because (and how)

Man music and the arts just make life more enjoyable! Atmospheres are changed by music. In a lot of ways I’m just realizing the power of music and it genuinely surprises me, still. It’s powerful stuff and it makes life better . . . well, if it’s good anyway. Practically supporting local music looks like attending concerts, putting cash in the tip jar (or buying merch, and spreading the word about the music with yo friends : )

If You knew EVERYONE was listening what would your message be? Don’t be an a**hole – lol! That’s a joke, but seriously. . . I’d say – man, life is tough! Hang in there; surround yourself with some good, positive people; look out for other people – we all have really cool gifts and resources to offer folks; seek healing for your brokenness; we are more than a mere chemical makeup – we are spiritual beings; Jesus has made a HUGE difference in my llfe and there is significant worth in pursuing him . . . just don’t be religious about it : )

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Gallery of a recent show at Blackwater Draw Brewing Company (Bryan, Texas) Here on the Wylde Soul Photography Facebook Page

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