In the Round Tour Toyota Center, Houston November 12 2013 Taken By Wylde Soul Photography
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 12 2013
Taken By Wylde Soul Photography

 “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” (Dorothea Lange)

30 Days

Dear Josh:

Down to one month, 30 Days…I had a crazy idea this morning…ah feck it I am going to do it. It is not like anyone is REALLY paying attention or cares about what is being written here so I can kind of cut loose for the next 30 days…I am not a quitter, when I say I am going to do something…well I do it.

I was just looking at the passage of time and what all had occurred in it and it was mostly about being able to really assess how far I have come in the last …almost two years. Some of it has to do with my outlook on life, some of it are my views of what I am declaring myself to be and how I am growing. It is a wide ranging set of topics and areas

  • as a human
  • as a spiritual being
  • as a woman coming into her own worth and so her power
  • what is really important to me
  • Who is really important to me
  • Ego
  • Finding my path, purpose and passion
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Learning New Things
  • Fear and Living outside of the Box
  • Love, Love and more Love-being it, giving it, having it, sharing it,
  • Learning how to not be so focused on one idea that I miss out on the opportunities and experiences along the way

So let’s take a look at the numbers

638 Days

1.75 years

15,312 hours

Ya know it is funny, looking at it in black and white on the screen…it really doesn’t seem like such a huge thing in the scheme of things and yet what has taken place is…well breathless.

What I thought was a dream vanished, animals that were guardians and companions gone, friends gone or at least no longer in my life…but AHHH what wonderful new ones have come in and more in vibration with who I am now…and more are coming. It is like the best love song ever. Me stepping out of my old skin as wounded and into whole…much like Kintsugi.

Most people would like damages to their broken items to be concealed and hidden by repair making the object look like new. But the Japanese art of Kintsugi follows a different philosophy. Rather than disguising the breakage, Kintsugi restores the broken item incorporating the damage into the aesthetic of the restored item, making it part of the object’s history. Kintsugi uses lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold, silver, platinum, copper or bronze, resulting into something more beautiful than the original.

Kintsugi is said to have originated in the 15th century when a Japanese shogun broke a favorite tea bowl and sent it back to China to be fixed. But the repair job, which was done with metal staples – being the standard for repair at that time – detracted from the beauty of the bowl. Disappointed, the shogun enlisted a Japanese craftsmen to come up with a more aesthetically pleasing solution, and Kintsugi was born.

Kintsugi Bowl
Kintsugi Bowl

I guess that is really where I am going with today’s post…is that I am a Kintsugi bowl. I am not broken. I am whole in my imperfection…and so on that note I am going to end with this…

Jack Kerouac
Jack Kerouac

And climbing the mountain I am…on my way to my dreams

Until Tomorrow


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