In the Round Tour Toyota Center, Houston  November 13, 2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 13, 2013
Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” -Ferdinand Foch

*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

44 Days

Dear Josh-

I think for the next few days, it is going to be just chatting. The only way to not feel completely ridiculous is to visualize an actual conversation…though I have been known and can comfortably express my thoughts via writing, though I am not sure a lot of people really get the tangled trail like whoop and weave of them. You could say I am a deep thinker, and the older I get the deeper it gets.

Different projects I get involved in also stir their own thought processes.  The Spirit and Bone collaboration is one that is definitely stimulating the deep thoughts. Thoughts about myself and my worthy issues, self image issues. Especially the scary ones, the fearful ones. Like have the decisions I made going to completely leave me in the alone field. Is there ever going to be someone that can be a match for my personality and drive. As a personal note, after spending many years in relationships for the wrong reasons…well now I would like one for the right reasons. BUT and here is the big BUT, I WANT this project. I KNOW I can do this and I KNOW that the end result is going to be stunningly beautiful BUT it has to get to you/your team’s attention.

In my dream visioning, the two reporters  I am currently working at forming a connection to would also connect and be able to deliver the message directly to you while you are in Los Angeles, taping your Stages Special on August 8th or thereabouts. However, I am finding that the Universe pretty much moves along at it’s own time speed and certainly not on mine. So learning to let go of the minor, grinding, restless urges I have about the slowness of this pursuit and to keep my thoughts from spiraling into depression and despair…which is why I started going back to the Gym and wanting to push myself in a way I have not done since High School, physically. Truth be known, it is the 5 daily workouts a week that are keeping me on track. I know where I was 6 weeks ago and where I am now and there is a joy in knowing that I can keep pushing those boundary walls. I am really grateful for the relationship that Dustin and I are creating as trained and trainer-I feel very comfortable with him and not in the least bit self-conscious, embarrassed, he is remarkable at leaving me at the end of each session feeling good about my effort for the day and putting in even more effort-that is the sign of a remarkable teacher, mentor, trainer.

The video Behind the Story of the 104 Letters is getting fantastic coverage. I am boosting it, after all if one is going to mount a Social Media campaign, one must use all the tools at one’s disposal. I am trying a Twitter Campaign out of curiosity, to see what happens with the two selected with image tweets I picked.

The KBTX story went well and the two other reporters I am working at forming a relationship with–well one is in Austin-the Live Music Capital of the World and the other is in Los Angeles…I have learned to utilize the “squeaky wheel syndrome”, which again is not one of my favorite forms of persuasion but…a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to move ahead in the pursuit of a goal.

I find myself constantly checking in with myself to make sure that I am staying with the authentic path and not the ego one. At this point though, the ego has been let go of simply because it no longer applies. The people who are reaching out to me, supporting me and encouraging me…well I want to help them get where they are going as much as I want to get where I am going…The interview with the Austin reporter would let me help a set of musicians come to the forefront and be seen as well AND to tell you the truth I can’t think of a better bunch of guys to get some attention. They deserve to have a no reason helping hand….and I will be crushed to not be able to help them in this way…So please Universe help me help others as well as myself….

This weekend I have another Spirit and Bone shoot and then a little girl time with the model and I…and I am really looking forward to that as well…Here’s asking the Universe to have that the Once in A Blue Moon energy kick in this weekend and next week leaves my head in a spin…I will deliver my once daily posts over this weekend…

Until tomorrow



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