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It is about encouraging people to make a difference and not waiting for something to be done or waiting for someone else to do it

73 Days

Dear Josh-

At this time there are only 10 theatres/stops left on the published tour that I see listed. I have seen a couple of times where you have talked about two stops in England and one in Paris but as of yet, have not seen specific dates or theatres.

So I thought I would stop and take today’s post to have a more personal post, shine the light on why I am not a nut job (and yes I am laughing). This particular work at manifesting this dream has been somewhat interesting for me. I can’t count the number of times I have said to myself, Ok I quit…then the next day or sometimes even later that day, something will pop up to say…Are ya sure ya wanna give it up? It could be a text from the only person that has stayed encouraging through it and by that I mean she has literally texted…hey thinking and praying that you make your dream happen…rooting for you, or whatever the encouragement was for that text. Seemingly random but they have literally happened minutes after I have said ok done or later in the day or the next day. Something that proves it is more than just random.

Gotta say I do believe that the Universe talks to us, guides to our paths, we just have to be aware/awake or listening to “get the message”. My epiphanies usually happen like whacks over the head….seriously I am standing there minding my own beeswax and WHACK a completely different perspective will pop up and the jaw drops, the head cocks a little and I am floored by what just hit me. YUP probably just knocked the kookoo clock right out of the field on that one…but here goes I cannot be any less than who I am. Every day striving to show up and be the best I can be, always striving to be better than I was the day before and leave the world a little nicer than I found it yesterday.

I make a point of keeping a smile on my face, unless I just got Whacked by an epiphany then I probably look a little lost…. I make a point of looking people directly in the eyes so that they know I have seen them and I mean really seen them. I smile even if I don’t get one back. I say thank you and please. I bring a gift, no matter how small when I meet someone. That gift can be as simple as me being totally present in my time with them.

Last night we had an almost full moon and the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter-otherwise known as the Star of Bethlehem. Starting the post are two of my images from last night. I was on the road and stopped in a quiet stretch to contemplate the  moon, the setting sun and the two stars and my radio was on a CD. The CD was the “Basement Tapes” from a band called Roxy Roca. If you get a chance take a listen, serious sound. But the song that was on was called “Happiness is a choice” then this epiphany hit and here was the thought process:

Let’s start with these basic unarguable facts about life:
The only thing we can expect is the unexpected
There are no guarantees
No one said Life was going to be easy
We are all going to have loss: be it a relationship we thought would last forever, money, homes, friends, pets but and here is where the actual glory and grace…even in those darkest moments….in fact right at that very moment when we fall to our knees is when we have a CHOICE.

and then the What IF’s that always exist with Choices:

What if you and your management chose to say yes to this book? Whose lives could we change beside our own?

What if I had not pursued this, Where would I be right now?

What if I had stuck to my usual approach to life which is to go it alone as it has been my experience that I get it done the way I feel it should be, this pursuit has been a huge learning lesson for me in asking for help and then accepting it as well as choosing to be happy and grateful even when it felt like this had been a HUGE WASTE of my time, then I look back and see the people I have met and become friends with

This song hit auto repeat and Taye asking (in the song)…How Free do you want to be and it hit me so hard I literally felt like I had been hit with a wrecking ball, I had to suck in a deep breath, I literally was weeping at the beauty of the night, the overwhelming feelings of grace, joy, love, peace, harmony and I spoke to the moon and life and here is what I choose

choose happiness, choose love, take that gift of love that is being offered, take the hand of friendship that is being offered, take the jump, dream big….reach for that moon and I know that there will be days when it feels like all is lost but I am going to tell ya…it is still a choice…as Taye says…when that distant glow seems out of sight, but we gotta have faith, even in your darkest hour you can still choose…you still have a wee bit of power and that power is choice….choose happiness, choose to see the silver lining in the worst moment

So for those of you that are reading: YOU have a choice today.

You can also choose whether or not to help me. I am asking for help in spreading the word.

And Josh  if you and your management team are reading this, I am asking you to take a chance, call me, let’s set an appointment and let’s see if the WHAT IF can make a difference-

Until tomorrow



*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

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