“The most creative people are the ones who step out of their comfort zone and take advantage of the world around them”                                Kyemah McEntyre

In the Round Tour Toyota Center, Houston November 13, 2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 12, 2013
Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

93 Days

Dear Josh:

One of the things I have given a great deal of thought to is the photographic process this would be. To capture and create a book that would be a witness to your dream. I have found lately the idea of being a “Witness” somewhat of a calling? or a place I am at? It is actually hard to put into words as it is a new word to contemplate.

While writing to you and following this path, I was called to do a short term collaborative project capturing a woman’s journey into herself. Terming it  Spirit and Bone we are capturing RAW: Inner Woman Portraits. There are about 7 of us, all photographers under the umbrella of a fierce artist, photographer by the name of Carrie Hilgert. I felt a calling immediately to the idea after Carrie posted it on her blog. It is about us, as photographers leaving our personal story out of the “Witnessing” we are doing with our cameras. Each of us seems to be attracting to us whatever women are called to us specifically. In my case mothers with two daughters, women and horses. One of my solo women is a multiple cancer survivor and I was literally in tears that she asked me to witness her story in image. Images by the way that she is terrified to look at once we do the shoot but feels it is the last step to her survivorship. So you see, the term Witness is not one to be taken lightly.

I have thought about the lensing I would like to use. I have all it except one and that would be the 200-400 f2.8 lens. Other than that…ready to go. I choose not to use flash in any circumstance though I will probably take some kind of diffuser flash. I see this witnessing of the millions of small moments that never happen more than once during a tour.

You must have spent a great deal of time really thinking and designing this album. It goes completely against your typical album compilation. It is literally a compilation of all of your “younger” hopes, dreams and wishes. Again, it is one of those things that you just never know how decisions one makes will actually all play out in the end. Same thing with the theatres, I cannot really see you as an artist allowing the complete dictation of the theatres you choose to play in. I have been researching them as much as possible.

The vibe these small theatres put out are going to be WAY different than your normal 16K + arenas. I absolutely loved the theatre that Jesse Cook ended up playing in when I shot him in Austin (Texas) last year. It was so intimate and you could feel the audience as they participated in the music. It was like Jesse was throwing a party for 200 of his best friends. Everyone was just amazing and the feel was amazing and the images were great (except for the Red gel lights….pet peeve of mine). Every time I look at my past music images, really the whole concert comes back…..

And that is the point of this. You could spend years on the road trying to bring the magic of this tour to your fans…and it would be forever. There is never a way to reach them all…except by this offering I am trying to bring to you. What I am asking for is the opportunity to sit down and discuss this project in it’s entirety with your management team…though I suspect with as hands on as you have been with this album/tour, the last discussion would have to be with you. You would have to feel comfortable with me as a “witness” and documentor. However, on the same token I can assure you that no one else can bring what I can to this project/book. That is after all what makes me, my photography, my images unique.

Until tomorrow



*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

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