Judith Hill-Opening Singer  In the Round Tour Toyota Center, Houston November 13,2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography
Judith Hill-Opening Singer
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 12,2013
Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

96 Days

Dear Josh-

So back to the twists and turns of how I got here, writing 104 letters, if it takes that long, I am optimistically hoping for the best.

So I started by asking a couple of my friends who either are or had connections to the “lifestyle” how or if they could help. I told them the story, explained the book, the sales and then showed them the proposal and mock-up book. All were or seemed to be impressed, enough that almost all of them…on this level anyway were enthused about helping me find a way to move one rung up…funny how that works. We see this over and over on viral videos on Facebook, BuzzFeed, the poorest or those with the least to give, give the most…and those higher…well hmm less to not at all. It is like people forgot that someone helped them, or abundance is in limited supply.

I am going to break each one into it’s own paragraph, well because there are a few and hell who wants to mix the details up in this and a lot of it happened simultaneously with a lot of hang time in between.

1) Conversation with, well texting with the CEO of ….a record company that had worked with David Foster. This went on for several months until my last text about a month ago when I asked point blank if he was going to help in any way shape or form or should I just bugger off…no answer on that one. That conversation lagged on and off for over a year.

2) I also reached out to a set of friends that the husband was/had been an actor. They only knew of one person. She and her husband are singers/producers and she holds a position on the board of National Recording Academy’s board of trustees. It started when L.R. and her significant other invited me to a CD release party that was being held in the hopes that a conversation might garner some advice. I did introduce myself and said I would love to set an appointment for an hour of your time. Her answer then, I heard the story, if it is meant to happen it will.

I did reach out to CG again several months ago and restated the request for an hour of her time and that I would be willing to drive the 90 minutes to see her and her reply a week later was…sorry I am a busy person and I do not have time for you.

3) William Morris Entertainment-Nashville Office and this actually is one of the funniest stories…and a learning curve in the space of less than 5 minutes


She: Thank you for calling William Morris Entertainment how may I help you?

Me: My name is Miriam Rieck and I am a professional concert photographer and I was wondering if WME had a process where by interested photographers can apply for up coming tours?

She: WHO are you?

Me: I am …

She: NO I know your name, I heard that, WHO ARE YOU

Me: OH you mean am I SOMEBODY?

She: Yes

Me: Oh I think I am but I think you are asking…

She: Who are you looking for?

Me: I understand that Josh Groban is in production on two upcoming albums and I was interested in finding out if there is a process, an appointment I can make with SOMEBODY in WME to discuss my proposal OR if you could recommend where I should start this process?

She: We do not accept mail, email, packages or people we do not know. All of it goes into the trash unseen, or trashed in email. You do not get an appointment UNLESS you come in on a personal referral or introduction. I really am telling you more than I should.

Me: SO how do you get new ideas?

She: Why do we need them….

Me: Laughing out loud, umm thank you and have a nice day???

So that took care of my usual approach to life which is, knock on the door you are supposed to and see what happens. As you can see…well I had to go back to working referrals.

I did follow through on a couple of things I had found, I reached through a couple of back doors, and offered the package with a …if you can help I would really appreciate it. I will fly to where ever you are and get vetted. I understand nothing happens over night but I am more than willing to be vetted repeatedly. I get the safety factor, I do….and no return answers on that one, course that is assuming they got to the person they were intended for.

So here is where today’s letter is going to end, after all I would hate to overwhelm or bore you off the bat…though I have told this story to several people lately and they are laughing by the time I get to this point…

Until tomorrow.



*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

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