” Life exists only because of the myriad synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment. In return for such a gift, the only sane response is to glitter in reply ” Robin Wall Kimmerer.

In the Round Tour Toyota Center, Houston November 13, 2013 Taken Wylde Soul Photography
Josh Groban
In the Round Tour
Toyota Center, Houston
November 12, 2013
Taken Wylde Soul Photography

97 Days

Dear Josh-

I went to dinner with a friend last night and she asked “So what have you been doing since that night?” and then she wanted to know why I loved music so much. I realized as I read back through the last couple of letters that I neglected to really go into the background of it. So I am going to backtrack just a little today and do a little ‘splanin.

I am one of those people that when the passion or interest is fired then I literally  jump in and start learning. I learn with hands on. One of the things that appealed to me, besides the music was the constant thought processing that occurs during a concert. You are constantly sorting through the light and where your camera is at. The other thing that occurs besides listening to the music is that I am constantly hunting for the “surrender” “zone” signs that take place. Those are the soulful images I like to capture.

So when I got home the night of your concert  the circling idea was that I wanted to do more of this.  I immersed myself in the local music scene. I got to know the bands that traveled through and reached out to the local management and introduced myself to them. I became very close with one band in particular. They let me in. Setting up, behind the scenes, in the rituals. They opened up to me and with me and it was then that I really was able to capture the who, what, where, when and how of music and it’s creation. I have shot that band at least a half a dozen times.

To date I have shot over 40 bands and some of them I am now shooting for the second time as they cycle back through my area. “Larger” musicians are Jesse Cook (someone who I have followed since the late 90’s) and Lindsey Stirling whose story, gumption and then music grabbed me and of course you.

AS for me and music. Well that has been in my life since the day I was born. My mother wanted to be a concert pianist and the few times I saw her joyous were at her piano. I was plinking on keys at a very early age but my heart was really not in the playing. Thinking it was, I tried flute and guitar…all instruments by the way that are still my favorite (which is why I truly imbibe Jesse Cook’s playing).And it was my mom who loved all the singing and dancing movies. Carousel, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Fiddler on the Roof…well I grew up Jewish. Oy Vay….lol.

My father was all about the “proper” forms of music. Like Opera (German…ugh, how depressing)but it was he that introduced me to Gilbert and Sullivan….”I am the very image of a modern major general….” as well as open acceptance of other cultures and their food as well as music.Of course in my middle school, art was still available and I took up drawing, painting and Chorus. Which I loved and was good at but you need self esteem to do that so I took to being a backup rather than a lead. Even today I still sing, in my car and that is the only place…though I am a frequent hummer and that is everywhere

My love of all things music continued through my teens, where it became a refuge from ..well everything. I was super sensitive and did not have the defenses in place to stay safe. My family life was extraordinarily dysfunctional and so I, at the time had running, writing and music as my refuge. Continuing into my adulthood, music and writing stayed my refuges. Photography for a while and then I abandoned it and my self. I came back to Photography in 2009 with the purchase of my first digital camera. Music is more than just sound for me. It pulses in my veins in the same way blood does. I love watching Dance for much the same reason, especially the more primitive tribal like dances, like Belly Dancing. Those are also images you will see in my portfolio.

I will say I am a little more picky about what I personally listen to as an adult. I am drawn to the world stage, latin-like,Piano and orchesteral. Though I recently found Paul Cardell and some others on Pandora (#Pandora) and then vocalists whose voice is an instrument. I am more inclined to listen to men rather than women, probably because my own singing is lower register-much as I hate to admit some of the sopranos sound a little screechy to me…Canadian Tenors, Il Vitto.  I was extraordinarily lucky to see Paco de Lucia play before he passed, that man had me swooning. And I really like Tariq’s playing. Christian Hebel, Joshua Bell were all because of you AND I adore Lucia Micarelli, her playing makes me weep and you had a cellist at several of the taped vides and she was stunning as well…and music discussion could go on and on….So now you have a little more background.

Until tomorrow



*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

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