In the Round Tour Houston Toyota Center November 13 2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography
In the Round Tour
Houston Toyota Center
November 12, 2013
Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

Music is so 100 percent for me that the idea of giving that up in any way, shape, or form would be terrifying to me.

100 Days

Dear Josh-

In October of 2013, I was scrolling through Google….under the header of Contest Photography. I was looking for contests to enter my images in and get my work out there. The first entry on the page was your Contest for a Media Pass to one of your dates in the “In the Round Tour”. I entered and….promptly forgot all about it.

Imagine my surprise several weeks later on the day I got fired from one of my part time jobs….that there was an email in my box telling me I had won one of the passes. I didn’t shriek but I was pretty excited about winning a contest (don’t win them very often). Imagine the responses I got when I posted on Facebook (of course) that I had won a media pass to your concert…talking about a trending conversation…almost all dealt on OMG you get to meet Josh Groban….and there I had to stop. That was not really why I was excited. It just had clicked. The idea of photographing a musician…at a concert… I started researching and Googling some more (I just adore Google) and knew that while I had the camera, I did not have the lens. I ended up renting a lens.

Getting to the concert, I went with a friend because I knew I would be too stoked and it was a good 2 hour drive to Houston. Getting there easy, getting in on the media pass…not so easy. But get in I did. Made friends with the Live Nation Rep. Made friends with the Houston Music Review dude and waited for our chance for the 3-song shoot.

From the very first notes of Daniel Rosenbloom and Christian Hebel, my brain was in overdrive. For the first time I was “seeing” images in my brain. Pictures the fans never see. The long hard hours. The band in preparation, sound check, the camaraderie that forms in the group, the music being created and played. The whole arena knew when you were coming out. As soon as Daniel and Christian’s last notes died away, the arena fell into this quiet hush and when the lights swung to highlight you trotting out, not 100 feet away, 16,000 fans energy was palpable. The hairs on my arms were standing up. It was literally the highest moment of my life and the moment you let loose with that first note, I had an one of those OMG ah-ha moments where everything literally clicked into place. I knew that my deep love of music, my gift of writing and my passion for capturing images with a camera had just been given a purpose. To be able to show various music fans those 12 notes expressed via image and word-as a book. A book that is crafted while on tour and captures the whole story of music creation and music shared. Of the deep love must one have for their craft and their story to keep telling it on tour. Very few people understand the tour life. I do.

This book would be more than a tour book. It would be your story and it would be crafted and collaborated around this particular albums tour. Why? This is your lifetime dream culmination. I get it. I see it. Each performance distinct and different from the last. Each theatre, each crowd energy creates it’s own memorable moment. I know. I have spent the last  two years doing nothing but watch over 40 bands play; learning, watching, observing, being a part of but not quite. Capturing but not interfering.  As Kenny Rogers says…”Ya gotta know when to hold them and when to walk away” and I do. I made a point to know it instinctively and by heart. The greatest compliment I had was when a band I was hired to shoot said….”Hey where were you, we told you it was ok to be on stage…..and I showed them back of the camera images” They had no idea I had been there. That was a highlight moment for me. I can go through my music images and completely feel the moment and the concert. Make and bring back the emotion and feeling of the night…..nothing captures emotion like a still image.

Until tomorrow,

Regards Miriam

*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the blog. See the story unfold and know that I am following dreams as you do. Share if you are so inclined. Otherwise I will trust the Universe.

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