“Music is what I always turn to when I am feeling a certain way. It is my reason for everything” Josh Groban

In the Round Tour. Houston Toyota Center November 13, 2013  (Miriam Rieck)
In the Round Tour.
Houston Toyota Center
November 12, 2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

102 Days

Dear Josh,

Music has been a part of my entire life. My mother was a pianist. As a young woman she dreamt of playing with the Philadelphia Philharmonic. My father liked the various forms of Opera. He was the one who introduced me to Gilbert and Sullivan. My mother was the one who encouraged the love of the musical…I still remember Carousel, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and so many more. That music was the warp and weave of my childhood. All the songs you sing on Stages, are pieces I came to know and love as a child.

Piano Lessons, Flute, Guitar, Vocal. None sat with me. I just was not interested in the discipline of the learning but the listening…well that was where I was in heaven. It is music I turn to for various emotional reasons. I opt towards the Acoustic. Paul Cardell, Jesse Cook (another man I consider a Master), Ottmar Liebert to name a few. Through you I came to know and appreciate Lucia Micarelli, Joshua Bell and Christian Hebel. As much as I love piana… I do love me some violin and Cello…sigh. Love the trumpet and the trombone. And Voice, well that is my deepest love. There is nothing like a well tuned voice.

I seem to have the “ear”.I seem to be able to “hear” what is good and to be able to “know” what will and won’t make it. . Depending on the music and the voice it actually creates sensations other than hearing for me; smell and taste. I never knew I had it, until recently. It does not occur all of the time or with all music.

Music today, well it is definitely not what it used to be and honestly is a discussion that could take place for a long time.I have to admit that until the concert in November I had stopped listening to you. When I went back and looked at my collection; I remember it was the Ally McBeal episode that led me to the first and then the second album. Why I stopped I am not sure, it was a somewhat hectic and turbulent part of my life and I don’t remember buying all that much in music. I just listened to the radio. After the concert I collected everything I could find of yours.  Listening to the voice and hearing the growth. Looking at what pieces you had composed and written.To date my favorite piece still remains ‘The Wandering Kind”.  It will be very interesting to hear what you compose someday acoustically speaking. I would hope that you try composing scores.

I have been spending the last 18 months shooting what I call the Indies, Regionals, Mid Level. The shows are usually damn good. They know that a good show engages you and makes you want to come back.They are accessible without the enormous fee and still mingle with the crowd after the show. To me, that is what music is about, the sharing of emotion and the telling of a story.Jesse Cook was joy to shoot as was Lindsey Stirling.Your In the Round was a wee bit far off to really have a good feel for the stage and the band. I really enjoy seeing the show up close and personal. In fact one of the skills I pride myself when shooting these shows is getting close and remaining invisible. When you look at my various concert images you will see that I focus on the artist and their expressions. When I am allowed backstage, I look for the relationships, the rituals that all bands have when they are on tour. That is one of the things I would really enjoy capturing as the tour photographer for Stages, I would create a body of work that would last a lifetime both for you as well as your fans- and what a tour it will be to remember.



*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

One thought on “Josh Groban: Application #3

  1. Good luck, Miriam! I love watching people chase their dreams and I look forward to following your journey!


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