Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest,
heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.
In the Round Tour. Houston Toyota Center. November 13 2013
Josh Groban. In the Round Tour. Houston Toyota Center. November 12 2013 Taken by Wylde Soul Photography

103 Days

Dear Josh;

There are only 12 notes in music. The way that these notes can be connected is literally infinite. Regardless of the language of the human that composed it or put words to it, that synchronistic combination of that created melody will strike a chord not just in you but in hundreds of thousands of “you’s” across the world. Language, culture, race are no longer seen as music becomes the equalizer and connector of life. Even animals respond to it.

With the vast number of music makers out in the world today there is virtually something to suit everyone’s particular ear. To me, Masters are the musicians that have been given an inherent gift, that honed through time allows them to appeal to millions, maybe even billions at a time. Very rarely do we have musicians that can or do cross every line known to man. They are known but approachable. They carry an inherent grace and are passionate about their craft. They are few and far between and they influence music in ways that we don’t usually see until they have passed and we can see the history of their mastery of these 12 notes and their contribution to the art form known as music.

In 2013 I won a media pass to a concert and was introduced again to such a musician. When I had first heard you, I like million of others heard the talent but knew you had not yet honed your gift to the level of refinement I heard that night in Houston. In all honesty I had stopped listening  after the second album. But that night, from the moment you entered the arena, you took command of it. In the moment you let loose with the first note, I not only had an ah-ha moment but knew I was in the presence of a Master. I knew that my deep love of music, my gift of writing and my passion for capturing images with a camera had just been given a purpose. To be able to show fans the very same 12 notes expressed in an infinite number of ways via image and word. Books that are crafted -books that capture the back story, in images the fans never see. The long hard hours. The musician/band in preparation, sound check, the camaraderie that forms in the group, the music being created and played.

Why this album? Several reasons and here is the first.

You are crafting a tour around this album that showcases your lifelong love of the stage. It is literally the dream of your life and I get it, I see it.

You are creating a tour where each show will be unique and unable to be recreated from city to city, theatre to theatre. If you give me this chance I can create a book that will give fans, a solid item to hold onto-your dream in Color, Black & White and in a permanent form. It is a dream that deserves– no demands to be captured in still imagery and given form.

Why me: WOW. Where does one start. I am going to start with telling you that it was winning a media pass to your concert on November 13, 2013 in Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center that started it. I have 104 days before the STAGES tour begins on September 12 in Atlanta.

Am I crazy: Nope. I am Intuitive. I present vivid, warm images in my photography. I believe in excellence.I am about being the best I can be, searching higher, learning more, seeking more. This is about setting goals that challenge me. Test me. Ask me to dare bigger and larger than I have ever gone before. The last time I tried this, I dreamed a 45 acre ranch into existence (ask me later). Feel free to check my work and see who I am:  Website and my Facebook page. I Twitter and Instagram. I Google+



*PS-Dear Reader- The only favor I ask is that you follow the story, Share if you are so inclined. Know that I am following dreams as you do.

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