104 Days

Dear Josh

So I am standing here on the edge of …putting myself out there. After a recent awesome meeting with Tess Marshall of The Bold Life. I am going public, transparent AND I am ASKING for help.

Maya Angelou said: People will always tell you who you are….so here am I:

I am an oldest. Like so many I have not made nor was I given any kind of an easy life (memoir (check) next on the list of things to do)… Elizabeth Gilbert just nailed the shit out of my life btw…so here is the quote:

Now listen, you guys. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I don’t chase a big, shiny, ambitious, all-conquering life. I’ve always aimed for the stars, and I suppose I always will — it’s in my nature to reach high, to aspire for huge experiences, and to live BIG. I also spend a lot of time encouraging other people to live big. I can’t see myself ever relenting on my striving. or ever wanting to scale back my appetites too much. And I love it, even when it wipes me out at times. I love my big, messy, exploding, searching, hungry life.

I am not crazy… I am Curious (see Brian Grazer’s new Book: A Curious Mind)

I am a writer and a photographer and I love stories…I hunt for them,

I am goal oriented, passionately driven

I am always on a quest for learning. More knowledge, more experiences. I have never seen barriers, or NO or I M POSSIBLE. I just see no differences. We are all human, We all want to be loved, needed, appreciated. I work every day on my spiritual journey of finding and bringing the best possible, largest potential and God honoring version of me to life…and I think ALL of us have that ability and calling.

So when you read tomorrow…keep all this in mind…and if you still have questions…well see the Liz Gilbert quote above.

To start how can you help me?

I need you to share this on all of your Social Networks-tweet me, Instagram me Facebook me, reblog me, comment me, offer a suggestion, this is going to be a crowd sourced obtaining of my goal. I have tried going in the front door…I have worked the referral angles and this covers the last 18 months. I am definitely wiser but really no closer…in other words PASS ME AROUND

Somewhere out here in Internet land there has to be one or possibly two someones that is WILLING to help and get me in the door. In return I will sing your praises from all the mountains I climb AND forever be grateful, appreciative AND look for as many someones as I can to #payitforward.

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