spirit and bone

I have been pursuing a photographic project I had felt a strong calling for since November of 2013 and it is wearing me out. I have really made no inroads towards it and all that has happened is a systematic deadening. I find myself not feeling connected to anyone or anything, not even my dog, Dawn.

I, like so many others wake daily to a struggle of putting on the cheery face and saying all those positive affirmations when really deep down inside I flail and rage at it all. This morning was one of the worst in my ongoing struggle with depression or just feeling lost…not sure which it is BUT like several other women that have crossed my path in the last few months we seem to have this innate pull to the outdoors. I miss it, I  miss the hell out of my dead horses. I miss the hell out of dead soul dog Ridge and I miss being outside, feeling the breeze on my face. The sun caressing my skin. The feel of the solid earth beneath my feet.

Carrie Hilgert, Artist and fellow photographer is a woman I have been following online since May of this year. She blogs so very honestly about her struggle to feel whole, healthy, and worthy. So very in line with my own struggle. It was a kinship pull. I, like Carrie have been feeling a pull towards photographing women in their full Wyldeness. So when she spoke of her project Spirit and Bone, well I felt a calling to collaborate and I reached out and found out that I was not the only one. There was a photographer in Oregon who had the same calling… So here it is Spirit and Bone: A collaboration.

So what do I need…YOU, You Wylde Woman…. Here are the parameters:

Carrie’s words carried forward, in respect for her thoughts and feelings….

“This isn’t about the photos. This is women, walking the Earth together for a couple hours, holding up a mirror for each other’s journey of awakening. Of claiming our lives. Of owning our shit and making our own rules. Of connecting with the Earth. It’s a walk of sisterhood, of discussing the subtle nature of growth. And I bring my camera and document the raw, natural woman in the sacred spaces of nature.

No need to perform, only to just be who you are right in that moment. Breathing in the air around you and grounding down into the Earth. Simple and beautiful.”

This will be an ongoing project through this Autumn. I am looking for Women who want to spend some time in nature. I know we have had some issues with weather and we can certainly work around that OR better yet work in it….but here are the parameters of the project

  • This project aims to keep the spirit of sisterhood and the core of the session being connection.  This will not be a gossip fest, negative energy type situation. The only way to heal Earth, Mom…. Is to heal us, a feminine one.
  • Other photographers have piqued interest like I have.  To keep the project on an even keel and harmony, the price for this shoot is $200.
  • Keep your clothing simple and free. Minimal or no clothing is also an option. Minimal or no makeup. Perfectly styled hair not required.
  • If you haven’t already, please read Carrie’s blog post about the project. It’s short but very insightful to the aim.

I anticipate giving each person I work with all their images! Yours to keep and do what you will.  Please contact me via the Contact Page or email me at mimwlf@gmail.com. Or call me at 979-220-1695.

One thought on “Spirit and Bone Collaboration Project

  1. It’s so inspiring when you see someone going after what their heart longs for! I’m hoping you’ll share some of the pictures with us!


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