Gonna warn you right now this is a long one but well worth it…

I have been in a deep internal cycling mode the last few weeks. Listening to my inner guidance, practicing being more and more present — this for me is a difficult balancing act as I am DRIVEN. I want to know more, see more, experience more. Once there I can settle for a bit and enjoy my reaching the goal but then I catch sight of that next mountain top  and off I go on the trail again…

Truth be told I had a monumental epiphany about my next dream (mountain top) and I have been on a path towards it for the last 18 months. Truly it is the biggest and the highest dream I have EVER set for myself. I have kept quiet about what my dream was-keeping it to written journal and telling only a select few trusted people…Why you may ask..well it is an enormous dream and I was afraid of being thought of anything other than what it was. A desire to accomplish goals above and beyond what I have already accomplished. For me, it is all about being passionate and experiencing– trying more, seeing more, understanding more, accomplishing more. I love learning.I want to be the best I can be. Give as much as I can. Help as many as I can.

… but the messages lately have been about becoming transparent…so in the course of the next few weeks I am going to bring you along on the dream…I am going to introduce you to the people who have believed in me, helped me or inspired me….and in the end you will see the dream.

I have TWO HUGE favors…

FAVOR ONE: If the post is about a person who is also trying to make a dream happen, go support them in whatever manner you can ( maybe follow them on Twitter, like their page, contribute to their campaign) as many have helped me for no reason other than to help and one should always pay it forward

FAVOR TWO: Take and Make me public, share me on your Facebook, Tweet me on Twitter, Catch the pictures on Instagram as I journey along. AND IF you can help me reach my goal, well my email is listed in the ABOUT ME page….email and lets see how we can help each other reach our dreams.

People never reach a goal alone , along the way I have received help, guidance or just been inspired. Like all dreamers, I want to help as many other dreamers as I can along the way, after all Abundance is for all of us, not just some of us

I would like to introduce you to Ken Lavigne. I found out about Ken from a Facebook feed. The trending blurb was about some singer that had a DREAM to rent the Sydney Hall in Australia and have a concert… What made me want to find out more about Ken was this one line …”I realized I couldn’t just wait for someone to open the doors for my career, so I took a leap of faith and made it happen for myself. ”

And I thought NOW that is someone just like me…. Ken Lavigne is a classically trained singer  from Vancouver Island, Canada. He sings and performs a style of classical crossover music to appreciative audiences all over North America. A few years ago, he fulfilled a life long goal of singing at Carnegie Hall in NYC, giving the proceeds to charity. The risk and hard work helped his career immensely, but now he decided it was time to raise the bar – he decided to do that by dreaming of singing at the Sydney Opera House in Australia! What was different this time around was that now producers from PBS want to document the evening and present it on their network; and he needed to raise the funds to make this happen.

I went right ahead and made a contribution to his Indiegogo campaign and then stopped dead..for I read this line…”Maybe you would like to contribute and promote your business as well but aren’t sure how? It is simple: Do you have a business or service? Maybe you’re an artist, therapist, or personal trainer? Do you have an internet service or profession that you’d like to promote? If the answer is YES – then let’s talk. Together we can build a perk that involves your business, or create a unique gift for donors that promotes your business and supports this project. Lets get creative.”

So what did I do…well I wrote him. I spent hours figuring out what to say, how to say it and not drown the poor man in my words. Honestly I thought nothing of it. I figured he would not read it…well I was wrong. Ken wrote me back about a week later. He had done exactly the same thing I had, went and took a look at me on Social Media and offered me the highest compliment. He admired my “moxie” in driving for the goal I had. Loved my images and told me that he did not have the contacts to get me in the door but looked forward to hearing from me in the future.

I actually was in shock. I then was grateful and appreciative. Here was a man who had taken the time to research me and respond but more than that he did not treat me as an idiot or a crazy person, he admired my moxie for having big dreams…

So go check him out…www.kenlavigne.com. Make a contribution to his campaign. Help him reach his dream. In doing so all we do is create abundance for ourselves and others. We become able to “be of service”. Since this email, I have moved a step further ahead. Had other hands reach out along the way… I am closer but not there yet… how can I get there?

Hear and witness my story, share my tale as it unfolds, help climb steps, open doors and my return answer is What can I do for you?

Stay Wylde

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