I recently had my hands read. I have to start by saying that I am sort of a show me first kind of gal. Probably because I am sensitive as hell. I know things and I don’t know why. So I am a little leery when I see people stating that they can do this or that. I also have to have an in person encounter for me to really tell if they are who they say they are.

So I stumbled across Isabel Faith Abbott in a roundabout way. I joined a close group that she and another woman had started and as is my nature, I trust my instincts when they tell me to go find out more. In this case, I found out that Isabel read hands not just by reading the lines of your hand but by also tuning into her intuition.

It was something I felt I had to do. I needed to understand the frenzy of destruction and loss of the last two years. So I ordered it all. I reserved my judgement. Keep in mind I have never met Isabel and I have never had any type of personal contact with her either.

My reading came in this week and by the time I was done reading the 25 page reading, I was fluxing so many emotions. I saw confirmed all of me. I had been SEEN and by someone who had never been in the same room with me and had no idea of my personal history. She had never felt my physical presence. I felt awed, grateful and most of all I was able to let go of my feelings of “lack”. I knew that I was born this way and I could stand proud of who I am. Does that negate my inner work, no it does not. I continue to seek. I have dreams, aspirations and paths that call to me.

I also know that there are kindred spirits out there walking the Wylde path with me and I am ever so grateful for their distant company and to catch their howls of sisterhood.

I cannot suggest enough that you go and have Isabel read your hands, let her tell you the story of your life and open your heart and understand that it is perfectly okay to be the leader of the pack.  To feel your heart rip wide open, to feel overwhelmed and over joyed with emotion. To know that we are out there and that the tides will let us touch each others shores and souls.

Find Isabel here: http://www.isabelabbott.com/hand-mapping

In the meantime, Stay Wylde and true…more to come

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