Welcome to my world. Alison Nappi just described my life over the last 18 months. Over the last 18 months or so I have undergone a phoenix like rebirth. At times exquisitely painful, somewhat depressing (if I let the negative self talk in) cancel cancel delete is a mantra for those troubling thoughts….mostly though I walk around with a little smile as I “hear” the whispers that guide me daily…sometimes even by the minute. I am in the last throes of letting go of my old skin…scary for me to imagine myself at my full potential AND because the very child essence of me is afraid of losing all the comfort BUT knowing that the pull is getting stronger and stronger to be all I can be…even if it is not comfortable for a lot of people to be around….And I am finding that the right people are showing up. Still reminded that the daily work has to continue, cannot get lazy, though it does get easier and I still am working towards the dreams that call me


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